Bigfoot was filmed in Mentor Ohio in 2004 and was released by Troma films.

529 Films is a group of filmmakers dedicated to bringing the highest quality production values possible to small budget independent films.

529 Films has been involved in various projects, from local full length feature films to short films and music video for such groups as Midnight Syndicate.

Other Projects

Part Digital, Part Film

HELLEMENTARY was created and produced by the members of 529 Films including web sites, DVD and all promotional materials. The film was shot in an abandoned school located in Russell Township Ohio with major photography being completed in 2007. Additional locations included the Russell Cemetery and the Laguna Station store in Mentor Ohio. As a low budget film production was accomplished evenings and weekends.

The film was shot using prime lenses mounted to a JVC 100u Hi-Definition camera. The film was acquired in 1280 x 720 true 24 frame HD. The full length feature was edited in HD using Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Additional effects were created using Adobe’s After Effects software.

Music was created by Stan Fomin with Ilya Kaplan assisting in sound design. Additional sound design was created by 529 Films. Additional music was provided by several groups and individuals including NYE, 20goto10, DJ Christopher Reddick and Midnight Syndicate.